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[11 Sep 2005|10:43pm]

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1. Comment to be added.
-It gives me proof that you're intelligent. But be warned, unless I see fit to add you, I might not. So make sure you give me good reasoning.

2. Give me a reason to add you.
-Something logical, nothing like "Because I/you love you/me." That doesn't work.

3. Have something in common with me.
-And if you say one damn thing about "omg eye lyke t3h sayme muzik az u" I will shoot myself. Something REAL.

4. Do NOT add me first.
-Leave me a comment, proving you've read these 6 rules I've posted. I will then add you, and after I have added you, go ahead and add me.

5. WHY should I give you access to my personal thoughts?
-I'm a personal kind of person, give me a good reason. If you're willing to read my journal, fine. But be warned. It will talk about homosexuality, transgenderism, sex changes, erotica, self-injuring, etc. And may include pictures of my blood. The end.

6. Where did you find me?
-Tell me where you saw my journal. Easy.


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